Academic Enrichment Programs

Our programs provide pre-collegiate students from the U.S. and around the world the chance to explore their passions and dive deep into a single topic beyond what is typically taught in a school curriculum.
Participants work on a hands-on laboratory experiment.

Program Frequently Asked Questions

What does "grade level" refer to?

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Grade level refers to the current grade that an applicant is in at the time they submit their application. Reference for 2020 programs:


Graduation Year from High School

(Class of)

Current Grade
2020 12
2021 11
2022 10
2023 9
2024 8



What is an enrichment "Circle"?

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Circles are weekly gatherings that follow a model of education that emphasizes interactive education and deep engagement. Our enrichment circles are evening after-school programs intended as outreach to local students who are passionate in a given subject and want to learn more beyond what is available in their schools. Through lectures, activities, and hands-on engagement, circles encourage students to develop creative and critical problem solving skills. Because they are held on campus, they are only offered to local students.

Looking for a downloadable file with all our offerings?

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Our comprehensive Program Guide gives an overview of all of our offerings. 
Download Program Guide.