Advanced Mathematics Opportunities

Ignite your passion for math at Stanford this summer. Stanford has a long history of mathematical achievements, including Nobel laureates and the first female Fields Medal winner! At Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, young students can deepen their love of mathematics by exploring topics beyond any traditional high school curriculum.
Participants play with Rubik's cube in a mathematics course.

Our Programs At A Glance

Our participants are adventurous, highly motivated, and passionate in their desire to come together and deepen their learning. While exploring new subjects and making friendships to last a lifetime, they will gain new insights into themselves and what really motivates them.
Diverse Students
With participation from every state and over 60 countries, our programs draw from the best and the brightest around the world.
Transformational Teaching
Our instructors are experts in their fields and committed to sharing their love for their subjects with students who remind them of themselves.
Challenging Coursework
We offer programs that teach logic, number theory, cryptography, multivariable calculus, and other advanced mathematical topics
Brilliant Peers
Over the summer, residential programs emphasize peer-to-peer learning, growing as both a scholar and a person through intensive coursework and social activities.
Residential Summer Experience

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes

Residential Summer Experience

Stanford AI4ALL

Residential Summer Experience

Stanford University Mathematics Camp

Stanford Dish

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