Welcome to Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies!

We invite you to join our community of passionate students, staff, and instructors. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies advances the education of academically talented, intellectually curious, pre-college students. We offer a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of top students everywhere.
Participants sit beside a Stanford fountain.

Our Programs At A Glance

Our participants are adventurous, highly motivated, and passionate in their desire to come together and deepen their learning. While exploring new subjects and making friendships to last a lifetime, they will gain new insights into themselves and what really motivates them.
Diverse Students
With participation from every state and over 80 countries, our programs draw from the best and the brightest around the world.
Transformational Teaching
Our instructors are experts in their fields and committed to sharing their love for their subjects with students who share their passion.
Challenging Coursework
We offer advanced topics in mathematics, science, humanities, and the arts, coupled with courses in business and other subjects rarely taught in school.
Brilliant Peers
Over the summer, residential programs emphasize peer-to-peer learning, growing as both a scholar and a person through intensive coursework and social activities.

Find the Program that is Right for You

Three students examine rare print materials in Stanford Special Collections.
Two participants work with pipettes
A group of participants stand together near Lake Lagunita.
A participant handles a robotic remote while a researcher and other participants look on.
Our diverse academic programs fit a wide variety of student needs. Summer programs? We host nearly 2,500 students on campus each summer. Commuter options? We run enrichment circles for local students in math, science, and humanities. Whether you're in elementary school or high school, interested in Aristotle or Astrochemistry, we have a program for you.

Program Guide

To learn more about our programs at a glance, download and read our comprehensive Program Guide, which includes all of our programs, requirements, and more.

Our People

Members of the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies year-round staff.

An Enthusiastic Year-Round Team

A team of talented administration and staff run our programs and are steered by Stanford faculty through an advisory committee.
Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies residential staff members.

Supportive Summer Staff

All of our summer programs are also supported by a warm, Residential Staff composed of current students and recent graduates of Stanford University and other top colleges.