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Operations Coordinator - Technology Specialist

Position Overview

The Operations Coordinator - Technology Specialist assists the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Finance and Operations Program Coordinator with the many technology-related items and processes necessary for the success of Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs. The Technology Specialist works closely with the entire Operations Staff, is supervised by the Operations Manager, and receives professional oversight from the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Finance and Operations Program Coordinator. The Fleet and Tech Specialist will provide support for the Technology Specialist at busy times such as Arrival and Departure Days. This can be a full-time (40–60 hours) or part-time (20 hours) position and may be combined with other responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Operations Coordinator - Technology Specialist position include:

  • Setting up residential computer clusters at the beginning of the programs
  • Providing ongoing hardware maintenance and management of computers, printers, projectors, and networking equipment.
  • Managing the installation of software and keeping machines free of unwanted programs.
  • Sharing information with program participants and staff about network connectivity.
  • Supporting program participants and staff for basic troubleshooting; referring to campus resources when additional consultations is needed.
  • Fostering and promoting an inclusive environment for all participants, staff, and SPCS community members.
  • Guiding participants in educational initiatives centered around individual development, wellness, community engagement, and inclusion.


  • Experience as a Resident Computing Consultant (RCC) on Stanford campus preferred
  • Must have a valid U.S. driver's license
  • Previous computing and/or summer camp experience desirable
  • Knowledge of PC and printer maintenance and networking
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Applicants who can be available from early June–mid/late August, 2018 preferred
  • Must be available for mandatory training from June 19–June 22, 2018


The standard non-residential compensation for Operations Coordinator - Technology Specialists is $16.54/hour. A full room and board package is offered for those working 60 hours per week.

Programs & Dates

The Operations Coordinator - Technology Specialist works with all Pre-Collegiate Studies programs:


We are currently accepting applications for this position.

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Job type
Time of Year
Part-time (20 hours)
Full-time (40 hours)
Full-time (60 hours)
On Campus
$16.54/hour (plus room and board if working 60 hours/week)
Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes
Stanford Summer Humanities Institute
Stanford Summer Arts Institute
Stanford AI4ALL
Stanford Medical Youth Science Program
Stanford University Mathematics Camp
Stanford Online High School Summer Program
Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes