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A Stanford Medical Youth Science Program counselor speaks at the program's graduation ceremony.

Counselor (SMYSP Only)

Position Overview

Counselors, supervised by Co-Head Counselors and supported by a Program Manager, will work closely with the year-round SMYSP Director and Program Coordinators during the preparation for, and duration of, the program to select participants, develop curriculum, recruit volunteers, coordinate events, and schedule lecturers. Emphasis is placed on relationship building between counselors and participants. Stanford sophomores, juniors, and seniors pursuing ANY academic major are encouraged to apply. During the summer, this is a full-time residential position averaging 60hrs/week.

Responsibilities of the SMYSP Counselor include:

  • Winter Quarter (2–3 hours)
    • Attend an all-hands Summer Staff Training Retreat (mandatory)
    • Attend planning meetings (when scheduled; 1–2 hours approximately)
    • Enroll in required course MED 1A for Spring Quarter (Wednesdays; time TBD)
  • Spring Quarter (3–5 hours bi-weekly)
    • Attend scheduled staff meetings
    • Attend all application review trainings
    • Enroll and actively participate in course MED 1A (classes are held on Wednesdays; time TBD)
    • Read completed applications from high school students
    • Conduct telephone interviews with second-round applicants
    • Assist in the coordination of On-Campus Interviews
    • Conduct individual and group interviews (45 finalist applicants) at On-Campus Interviews (OCI)
    • Assist in selection of the final 24 participants
    • Maintain programmatic records (files, documentation)
    • Co-lead the planning and implementation of some of the following jobs (intensive during Spring and Summer Quarter):
      • Game Shows, Journaling, Networking, Resume Writing, Public Speaking (intensive during Summer only)
      • Community Service Project, Field Trips and Evening Programming
      • Scientific Poster Presentations and Mentor Nights
      • Anatomy/Pathology Laboratory series
      • Staff Professional Development and Group Activities
      • Scheduling Guest Lectures
      • Coordination of Volunteer Reception (intensive during Summer only)
  • Summer Quarter (full-time for five weeks)
    • Live in a residential house with student staff and 24 student participants for five weeks.
    • Each counselor will direct a group of 3–4 students to produce a scientific research paper, project, and PowerPoint presentation.
    • Teach and/or facilitate at least one class, workshop, review session, or discussion.
    • Supervise students and enforce program rules and policies.
    • Conduct program evaluations for specific events and activities.
    • Attend regular staff meetings, professional development workshops, and team building exercises.
    • Tutor participants weekly on academic material.
    • Maintain programmatic records (files, documents).
    • Fostering and promoting an inclusive environment for all participants, staff, and SPCS community members.
    • Guiding participants in educational initiatives centered around individual development, wellness, community engagement, and inclusion.
    • Must be available for mandatory training June 19–June 22, 2018

2018 Important Dates

  • January 21, 2018: Completed Counselor Applications Submitted On-Line
  • February 7, 2018: Group Interview
  • February 20–23, 2018: Individual Interviews
  • March 2–4, 2018: Summer Staff Retreat
  • March 30–April 22, 2018: Application Review process (high school applicants)
  • May 5, 2018: On-Campus Interviews (all-day participant interviews)
  • June 18–22, 2018: All Staff Training Week
  • June 24–July 28, 2018: Summer Residential Program


The standard non-residential compensation for SMYSP Counselors is $16.54/hour. A full room and board package is included.

Programs & Dates

Stanford Medical Youth Science Program | June 24–July 28, 2018


The application for the SMYSP Counselor position is now closed.

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Job type
Time of Year
Full-time (60 hours)
On Campus
$16.54/hour plus room and board
Stanford Medical Youth Science Program