Operations Coordinator

Operations Coordinators, working in a team of three, provide logistical and administrative support for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies.

Position Overview

Operations Coordinators work closely with the entire Operations Staff, are supervised by the Operations Manager, and receive professional oversight from the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Finance and Operations Team. Operations Coordinators serve as liaisons between the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies main office and the residential sites to ensure all programs are operating smoothly. This can be a full-time (40–60 hours) or part-time (20 hours) position and may be combined with other responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the Operations Coordinator position include:

  • Preparing the residences and program materials before the programs formally begin, and providing logistical support during residential staff training, Arrival Days and Departure Days, and other special events.
  • Ensuring that all residences receive the necessary stock of snacks, educational materials, daily mail, and other supplies while programs are in session.
  • Maintaining a well organized storage room and monitoring inventory levels in both the residences and storage room, redistributing materials and requesting new supplies as necessary.
  • Executing the proper collection, organization, storage, and inventory of Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies supplies at the conclusion of each program.
  • Fostering and promoting an inclusive environment for all participants, staff, and SPCS community members.
  • Guiding participants in educational initiatives centered around individual development, wellness, community engagement, and inclusion.


  • Strong organizational and logistical skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience planning events or activities coordination desired
  • Must be able to lift at least 45 pounds
  • Must have a valid driver's license and a clean driving record
  • Applicants who can be available from June 18–mid/late August, 2018 preferred
  • Must be available for mandatory training from June 19–June 22, 2018


The standard compensation for Operations Coordinators is $16.54/hour. A full room and board package is offered for those working 60 hours per week.

Programs & Dates

Operations Coordinators work with all Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs:


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