Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies seeks experienced graduate students, M.A.s, Ph.D.s, postdocs, or others with similar backgrounds and teaching experience to teach courses to academically talented and motivated pre-college students at Stanford and at select locations overseas.

Seeking Summer Institutes Course Proposals for 2018

SPCS seeks proposals for new Summer Institutes courses in any subject area for our Summer 2018 program. New proposals will be considered through October 2017.

Position Overview

Instructors are only hired for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes, Honors Academies, and Stanford International Institutes. For Summer Institutes, please refer to the full course listings and descriptions of the specific courses offered.

All instructors have the unique opportunity to develop their own course content within the general guidelines provided in the course descriptions; courses are intended for academic enrichment and are taken without credit so there are no curriculum requirements. Though most courses are led by a single instructor, Pre-Collegiate Institutes will consider hiring two instructors to team-teach some courses.

We do not accept applications for instructors for the Summer Humanities Institute, Summer Arts Institute, Sports Business Academy, Stanford AI4ALL, or the Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC). 

Summer Institutes Program Details

  • Participants who attend the Summer Institutes at Stanford are selected for their ability and interest in the course subject areas; they participate in just one course and enjoy challenging and engaging topics that are not available to them in school. Participants in the program come from across the U.S. and from around the world. Our participants’ enthusiasm for learning makes for a distinctly exciting instructional experience.
  • Instructors are supported by undergraduate and graduate student teaching assistants. Each day consists of instructor-led class time from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. In the afternoon, there is a three-hour study period led by the teaching assistants; this time is dedicated to individual assignments, small group work and projects. Instructors are expected to create activities and assignments for this afternoon study period, to provide mentorship and guidance for their TAs, and to meet with them on a regular basis. At the end of a course, instructors are responsible for providing written evaluations of each participant’s performance.
  • Honors Academy courses are two-week intensive classes offered at top schools in Asia, South America, and other select locations. These classes may serve elementary, middle, or high school students. Honors Academy instructors teach 5-6 hours per day for 10 days and are provided airfare and lodging as well as a weekly compensation. Courses are typically offered at various times from May to August and in early January (in South America) annually.


  • Teaching experience strongly preferred
  • Interest in and enthusiasm for working with pre-college students
  • Master's degree or above in field of study for which you are applying to teach


Compensation starts at $3000 for a 2-week course or $4500 for a 3-week course and depends on qualifications and experience. Instructors may teach for more than one session depending on program needs.

Compensation includes all work involved in preparing and teaching the course, overseeing TAs, and writing evaluations on participant performance at the conclusion of a session.

Mandatory orientation and training sessions will be held in May (in-person and online).

Programs & Dates

Programs in need of Instructors: