Fall Online Courses: The 2020 Election

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies (SPCS) is thrilled to announce a new opportunity for high school students to deepen their understanding of US politics and the upcoming election. Offered in collaboration with Stanford Continuing Studies, these two courses provide students in grades 9–12 with an inside look at many of the topics shaping the 2020 election.
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Course Offerings

Courses begin the week of September 21 and meet weekly for live online lectures. Click below to learn more about each course, including the guest speakers, meeting schedule, tuition, and more.

Election 2020: A Panoramic View of America’s Decisive Election

In the midst of these unprecedented, extraordinary, and uncertain times, the 2020 US presidential election will be perhaps the most important in our lives. Led by Stanford’s own James Steyer and Pamela Karlan, and featuring President Bill Clinton, Stanford professors David Kennedy and Michael McFaul, Congressman Adam Schiff, political strategists David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt, Harlem Children’s Zone President Geoffrey Canada, commentator Ruth Marcus, and former presidential candidate and philanthropist Tom Steyer, this course will examine major topics at stake in the election and for the country.

Technology and the 2020 Election: How Silicon Valley Technologies Impact Our Elections and Shape Our Democracy

Silicon Valley technologies are having an unprecedented influence on the democratic process in the 2020 election. Stanford political science professor Rob Reich and technology policy expert Marietje Schaake, along with David Kaye of the UN, Nathaniel Persily and Alex Stamos of Stanford, and Camille Francois of Harvard, among others, will discuss the array of digital technologies affecting this election, legitimately and illegitimately, and how they might be better managed or harnessed for the public good.

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Take Your Civics Education to the Next Level

The 2020 US presidential election season will be historic, taking place amid a global pandemic, an upended economy, mass protests, and extreme polarization. This presents a unique opportunity to deepen your civics knowledge and prepare to become an informed, engaged citizen.
Two Unique Courses Available
Each election course being taught this fall will explore timely topics leading up to the November election. Please see above for individual course descriptions, schedules, and costs.
Expert Guest Speakers
Each course features a wide range of expert speakers—including preeminent political, business, foreign policy, and academic leaders—as we seek to cultivate a broad and informed view of this pivotal election.
Bonus Lectures
In addition to attending the weekly online lectures, high school students enrolled in the course will have additional meetings to further explore foundational civics topics.
Live Online Learning
Each week, students of all backgrounds and interests will come together online for a live course meeting.

Adult Registration

No longer in high school?

Adults interested in these courses can register with Stanford Continuing Studies. Please visit continuingstudies.stanford.edu for details.